The Virginia Sportsmen’s Foundation hosted the 26th Annual Wild Game Chili Cook-Off on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in downtown Richmond at the beginning of the General Assembly session. Thank you to all of the cooks, judges and volunteers who made the event a success, including former Delegate Albert Pollard for providing the steamed oyster bar.


First Place: Clark Mercer - "Ralph's Boaring Chili" (Wild boar)
Second Place: Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association (Eric Terry & Joe Wertz) - "Traveler's Chili" (Isle of Wight venison)
Third Place: 001 Outfitters (Ike & Floyd Wright) - "Rocky Ridge Chili" (Elk)
Spiciest: 001 Outfitters (Ike & Floyd Wright) - "Rocky Ridge Chili" (Elk)
Best Presentation: Pam Northam - "Fiesta Mi Corazón" (Vegan)

Front: Floyd Wright, Pam Northam, Sheriff Ken Stolle, Ike Wright & Lt. Governor Ralph Northam
Back: Will Payne, Clark Mercer & Eric Terry


1: Michael Abley - “Thanksgiving Chili with Wild Turkey & Pumpkin” (Wild turkey)
2: 001 Outfitters - “Rocky Ridge Chili” (Elk)
3: Pam Northam - “Fiesta Mi Corazón” (Vegan)
4: Randy Bush - “Fur and Feather” (Venison, quail, pheasant & wild turkey)
5: Melva Jones - “Some Shockin' Good!” (Moose)
6: Clark Mercer - “Ralph's Boaring Chili” (Wild boar)
7: Lynda O'Connell - “Herbi-FOR Chili” (No animals were harmed in the making of this chili)
8: Lisa Ghidotti - “Bucking Good Chili” (Elk, antelope & venison)
9: Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association - “Traveler's Chili” (Isle of Wight venison
10: Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office - “Rocky's Revenge” (Moose)