The Virginian-Pilot features 'Wild Game Chili Cook-Off'

It’s Sheriff now, not Senator. But that doesn’t mean an end to a Ken Stolle General Aseembly tradition.
The Virginian-Pilot
February 23, 2010

Virginia Beach Sheriff Stolle sent out invitations recently to his 19th annual General Assembly Chili Cook-Off.

So far, 55 legislators have signed on to attend the March 4th event, the biggest turnout yet, said Will Payne, Stolle’s former legislative aide who is organizing the cook-off. The event, which is underwritten by several law-enforcement trade groups, will highlight a sportsmen foundation that Stolle is starting, Payne said.

The cook-off usually features chili made of exotic meats. This year’s menu includes elk, bear, venison, goose and pheasant. There will also be a vegetarian version, Payne said.

Some of the more famous (in the Richmond political world) participants will actually cook their own chili.

Others like Sen. Richard Saslaw, will be stirring in ingredients, Payne said.

Trophies will be awarded to the best and worst of the selection.